Florida Threshold Inspections


EMA Engineers provide construction Florida Threshold  inspections reporting to developers, contractors, and architects in compliance with the Florida status and laws:

We often field observation reporting on structural engineering work-in-progress. Our reports include photographic and written daily reports depicting various constructions activities. We attend construction meetings, construction coordination meeting and post-construction review. We also provide detailed field observations reporting on a monthly basis prepared by structural engineers.

florida threshold inspections by EMA Engineers

Our process of observation and reporting can include review daily construction activities. We check compliance with structural drawings for projects.

Building Threshold Inspections Monitoring

EMA prepares and review construction inspections of contract documents, job specification, and change order details and review, and project final closeout documents.

EMA Field Observation Reporting & Construction Observation Activities.

The architect’s responsibilities for observing construction and determining if the contractor is supporting the design intent fall into six categories:

Construction observation, document clarification, submittal review.

Payments to the contractor, certification of completion, and project closeout.

Observing Construction Inspections.

The architect is typically required by contract to keep the owner apprised of construction progress and quality. The owner relies on these reports to keep up with the progress and quality of the work, and a close owner architect relationship can result from this direct form of communication.

To document what the engineers has observed in the field and enable the delivery of this information to the client, the architect can use AIA Document G711TM, Architect’s Field Report. As with all document types issued repeatedly during a project, each report should be dated and sequentially numbered

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Structural Threshold Inspections Engineers Florida

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