Milestone Inspections Palm Beach

The Milestone Inspection Pal Beach and certification is required for buildings 40 years or older that are located in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. An inspection and recertification are repeated every 10 years following the building’s 40th year anniversary.

An Important Note: Even you haven’t received a notice from your respective county or city code compliance department. it is YOUR responsibility as property owner to comply and acquire the initial 40150-year certification, as well as the recertification every 10 years thereafter.

Your Milestone Inspections Palm Beach Certification / Recertification Experts

The 30-year structural milestone inspections and certification inspections must be done by or under the supervision of a qualified professional engineer or architect.

milestone inspections palm beach

EMA Engineering Services is qualified to complete all structural milestone inspections certification Free certification inspections for buildings in both Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. If you’re not sure about the

specific requirements for these inspections, the following information will help ensure you stay compliant. And EMA is here to take care of all the details when it’s time for your inspection.

For Miami-Dade County, every building in excess of 2.500 square feet and NOT classified as a non-single family home must comply. Exemptions for Miami-Dade are:

Single Family Homes
Buildings with an occupant load of ten (10) or less and 2,000 square feet cr less

For Broward County

every building larger than 3,500 square feet must be inspected and certified.. with the following exemptions:

One (single-family) and Two (duplex) family dwellings

Schools under the jurisdiction of the Broward County school board

All buildings under 3.500 square feet in size

Characteristics of Moisture in Roofing.

Buildings built on an Indian Reservation.

Florida Milestone Inspections palm Beach, Florida Condo Milestone Inspections & Structural Integrity Reserve Study

What Is The Milestone Inspections Palm Beach Certification Process?

The certification process includes structural integrity and electrical safety inspections. Here‘s how the process fiows:

You receive a notice. You have 90 days to have a Florida Registered Architect or Engineer inspect the property and provide a sealed Building Safety Inspection Certification to the city. Your submittal must include both the structural and electrical package, as well as the permit application. A licensed professional must complete a form that identifies required repairs OR a statement that no
repairs are needed. it must be submitted IN PERSON {mailed reports are not accepted) with a $200 payment. if the building is classified as safe, no inspections are required for ten years. If structural and electrical deficiencies are indicated, you have 180 days to obtain necessary permits and complete specified repairs. Failure to submit the recertification form results in a Notice of Violation and Notice of Hearing, as well as penalties of $5D0tday if eficrts are not made to comply in a timely fashion.

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